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Fire Department

Chief of Police and Fire
Richard D. Hines

Non-Emergency phone: (513) 271-4089
e-mail: rhines@mariemont.org


We believe in our community and hope that you will find this information to be both useful and informative.

I am extremely proud of the members of the Mariemont Police and Fire Departments. They are held to the highest standards: integrity, honesty, loyalty and the enforcement of the laws and ordinances of the state of Ohio and the Village of Mariemont. Working together equals a community partnership.

-Chief Hines

Fire   Department  

The Mariemont Fire Department offers full-time firefighting and paramedic services for residents of the Village of Mariemont. We are one of only three departments in Hamilton County to have earned a Class 3 ISO Rating.

The Mariemont Fire and EMS staff has full-time/career, part-time and volunteer firefighters and paramedics. All personnel are cross-trained in multiple areas. EMT’s and paramedics are all trained as firefighters. All personal are trained as fire safety inspectors, hazardous materials technicians, and basic rescue and water rescue technicians. Some staff members are also trained as Public Safety Instructors, Certified Child Safety Seat Inspectors, CPR Instructors (certified through the American Heart Association) and Certified Fire Investigators (certified through the State of Ohio). All personnel must complete a mandatory four to six hours of continuing education each year. Additionally, our staff is thoroughly trained in Disaster Management, Community Fire Defense Planning and Medical Disaster Service.


Non-Emergency phone: (513) 271-4089

Assistant Fire Chief 
Jason Kiefer
e-mail: jkiefer@mariemont.org

  How We Work
The Mariemont Fire Department work schedule is based on a three-unit concept. Full-time fire and EMS personnel work a 24-hour shift and are then off work for the next 48 hours. Part-time personnel work either a 12 or 24-hour shift. A full-time officer manages each shift. The normal staff for any 24-hour period is made up of 4 people.

What We Do
In addition to responding to emergency calls, the Mariemont Fire Department offers many services designed to keep our community safe, promote fire safety awareness and enhance public relations.

In helping to ensure the safety of our community, the Mariemont Fire Department has a Village Disaster Evacuation Plan and an Emergency Operation Plan, both of which have been certified by the Hamilton County Emergency Management Agency. All equipment is consistently checked and maintained to ensure it will be fully operational when an emergency arises.

We have several programs to teach residents about fire safety and help them be better prepared for emergencies. These programs also give you a chance to get to know your Fire Department a little better and for us to get to know you.

For instance, each Fall, we participate in the Fire Prevention Week program. During this time, the Fire Department visits schools to teach fire prevention and safety. At the end of the week, we have an Open House and Fire Expo at the Fire Station, giving everyone the opportunity to see a firefighting demonstration, experience what it’s like to be in a smoke-filled structure, and interact with paramedics as they explain the equipment they use. There are always plenty of refreshments, too!

Contact us for more information on any of the following services:

  • free smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and batteries
  • free CPR classes, blood pressure checks, and fire safety inspections for your home
  • “Shelter-In-Place”
  • younger residents are always welcome to tour the Fire Station and equipment. We would be happy to bring a fire truck to a child’s party or a block party.
  • NOTE:  We are no longer able to offer child safety seat installation.  Firefighters/Paramedics must take a special training class to receive certification to install safety seats.  With the exception of our Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief, all Fire Department personnel work on a part-time basis and, therefore, cannot be required to take that class as they would have to do so at their own expense.
  Professional Opportunities
We are always happy to speak with anyone wishing to become a volunteer or join our part-time workforce. If interested, please contact Assistant Chief Tim Feichtner.

Police Department

Chief of Police and Fire
Richard D. Hines

Non-Emergency phone: (513) 271-4089
e-mail: rhines@mariemont.org


We believe in our community and hope that you will find this information to be both useful and informative.

I am extremely proud of the members of the Mariemont Police and Fire Departments. They are held to the highest standards: integrity, honesty, loyalty and the enforcement of the laws and ordinances of the state of Ohio and the Village of Mariemont. Working together equals a community partnership.

-Chief Hines


Mariemont Police Department

The Mariemont Police Department employs approximately 10 full-time sworn officers and one non-sworn support person. Our department is dedicated to community-oriented style of policing. We believe community problems are most successfully addressed by working in partnership with the community. Our officers are deeply committed to excellence, and strive to be community problem-solvers.

Our Mission Statement

The Mariemont Police Department’s Mission is to maintain order, preserve and protect the life, peace and property of the citizen’s of Mariemont. We provide a professional, well-trained staff and strive to enhance the quality of life through an active partnership with the citizens of the Village of Mariemont.


Our Vision Statement

The Mariemont Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality of police service and forming partnerships with the community, making the village of Mariemont a safe place to live, visit and conduct business.

Village Parks

Over 50 acres of parkland were created in the Village. These spaces are for the enjoyment of all Mariemont residents. The Carillon is located in the Bell Tower at Dogwood Park. Carillon concerts are conducted every Sunday throughout the summer months. The woods are excellent for nature study, while the open areas provide wonderful spaces for all recreational activities.

The Tot Lot, located at the corner of Pleasant Street and Wooster Pike, provides safe and fun facilities for young children. Sports recreation facilities are provided at Dogwood and Ann Buntin Becker Parks.

The park areas & shelters may be reserved for private events.  They may NOT be used for private events without a reservation.   

  1. Village of Mariemont residents may reserve a park and/or shelter at no cost. Non-residents are required to pay a $50 fee in advance.
  2. To reserve a park area or shelter, please send an email to info@mariemont.org indicating the park/shelter you want to use and the date and time you would like to use it. 
  3. Make sure to include your name, your address, a contact phone number, and the approximate number of guests in your party.  If you do not have an email address, you may call the Village office at 271-3246 to make a reservation.
  4. When your reservation request has been approved, you will be sent a confirmation by email (or regular mail for those without email).   Please print out this confirmation and take it with you on the day of your party.  You may be asked to show this confirmation to a Police Officer if there is any dispute over the use of the park/shelter. 
  5. If you reserve a park and/or shelter for a private event, please make sure to bag your trash and take it with you.  In this way, the area will be clean for anyone wanting to use it after your party . . . and the raccoons will not be tempted to have a 'party' of their own.
  6. If you are reserving the shelter in Dogwood Park and there is a Bell Tower concert in progress, please do not use the ball field.  The noise at the ball field keeps concert-goers from being able to hear and enjoy the music.  (Most concerts take place at 7PM on Sunday evenings from Memorial Day through Labor Day and in the afternoon on holidays.)

Organized programs for children interested in sports are available through the Mariemont Recreation Association. Click logo to visit the Association’s web site

Our Parks Include:

Isabelle Hopkins Park - on the corner of Wooster Pike (US 50) and Pocahontas Ave.

Jordon Park - Miami Road just west of East Street

Trolley Turn-Around Park - Miami Road at Murray Avenue

Dale Park & Statuary - Wooster Pike at Plainville Road

Ann Buntin Becker Park - Lanes C & B (Between Beech and Oak Streets)

Patriots Park - Lane F (Between Elm Street and Wooster Pike)

Boathouse - 3729 Pleasant Street

Bell Tower Park - 3725 Pleasant Street

Dogwood Park - Baseball Fields, Walking Trail, Bird/Wildlife Sanctuary - 3721 Pleasant Street

Concourse Park -Miami Bluff Drive at Center Street

South 80 Gardens and Walking Trails Park - South of 6000 Mariemont Avenue

Paul Prevey Bird Sanctuary - Just east of 6060 Mt. Vernon Avenue

Livingood Park - Miami Road at Mt. Vernon Avenue

Madisonville Site - Adjacent to Community Pool at 6000 Mariemont Avenue

Mary Emery Park - Madisonville Road at Plainville Road (adjacent to Tennis Courts)


For Business

Located just 15 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, the Village of Mariemont has a diverse business base, from many small shops to large corporations and manufacturing facilities.

Home to Kellogg’s, National Prize and Toy Company, Cincinnati Steel Treating, Haney PRC, TGI Friday Restaurants’ corporate office, Cutting Edge Selections wine distribution company, and several other large companies, Mariemont also boasts an array of unique shops, medical and dental offices, a theatre, the historic Mariemont Inn, a variety of restaurants, and the Waldorf School – a private school for grades pre-school through eighth grade.

The most recent addition to our growing list of businesses is Eyecare on the Square Optometrists. 

With the construction of four new condominium buildings offering a total of 105 new housing units, the customer base in Mariemont continues to grow. 

The Village of Mariemont has its own Police and Fire Departments housed in the municipal building in the center of the Village. The safety of our residents, our businesses, their employees, and their customers will always be a top priority.

Because of its convenient location, record of safety, and beautiful surroundings, customers and employees alike are drawn to Mariemont.

The Village of Mariemont is most proud of the fact that businesses that come to Mariemont stay in Mariemont. Many of our businesses have been here for decades.   

The Village of Mariemont has a 1.25% earnings tax for employees. Businesses are taxed on their net profit.

For more information about business opportunities in the Village of Mariemont, or about moving your business to our community, please contact Mayor Dan Policastro at 615-5729.

For a list of businesses currently located in the Village, CLICK HERE.


Architectural Review Board

Before any changes can be made to a property in the Historic District, the plans must be approved by the Architectural Review Board. The ‘ARB’ was established in 1983 by a Village ordinance to review proposed constructions, alterations, and additions and to review proposed repairs to signs, fences, and other exterior construction and to review colors of approved painting and roof work within the Historic District established by Council, and to issue or refuse a Certificate of Appropriateness for the proposed work.

The Architectural Review Board meets the third Monday of each month at 6:00 pm in the Village Council Chambers. Requests for a hearing before the Board must be submitted in writing to the Village Office by the first Monday of the month prior to the scheduled meeting.

Why does the Village have an Architectural Review Board?
The mission of the ARB is to help maintain a high standard of community development and the principles of town planning, to protect and preserve property, to promote the stability of property values and to protect real estate from impairment or destruction of value for the general community welfare by regulating the exterior architectural characteristics of structures throughout the defined Historic District. It is the further intent of the ARB to preserve the distinctive historical and architectural character of this community which has been greatly influenced by the architecture of an earlier period, as acknowledged by listing of the Village of Mariemont in the National Register of Historic Places on July 24, 1979. 

Planning Commission

Before any Building Permits can be approved and issued for a property within the Village, the plans must follow the requirements of the Village Zoning Code. When a proposed project either does not match the zoning district type of use or zoning code restriction requirements, a petition may be submitted to the Planning Commission for review and grant or refusal of the variance application. The Planning Commission may grant the variance application as submitted, grant variance with agreed to modifications, table the variance application for resubmission by applicant or for a future meeting, or deny the variance request.

The Planning Commission meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM in the Village Council Chambers. Requests for a hearing before the Board must be submitted in writing to the Village Office by the first Wednesday of the month prior to the scheduled meeting.

What does the Planning Commission do?
The powers and duties of the Planning Commission shall be to frame and adopt a plan to district the Village into zones and to control and regulate the property setbacks, height, design and location of buildings and other structures and the uses thereof in those zones or districts. From time to time, the Planning Commission may recommend modifications or additions of zones or districts within the Village limits, pending final approval by the Village Council. The Planning Commission also acts as a Zoning Board of Appeals and is delegated power to hear and determine appeals from any decision, including the grant or refusal by the Building Commissioner of building or other permits, where such decision, grant or refusal is based on the requirements of the Zoning Code. The Planning Commission also reviews and makes recommendations for lot splits and lot consolidations, and conversions of multifamily dwellings structures into condominiums for the Mayor to approve.


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