Village Parks

Over 50 acres of parkland were created in the Village. These spaces are for the enjoyment of all Mariemont residents. The Carillon is located in the Bell Tower at Dogwood Park. Carillon concerts are conducted every Sunday throughout the summer months. The woods are excellent for nature study, while the open areas provide wonderful spaces for all recreational activities.

The Tot Lot, located at the corner of Pleasant Street and Wooster Pike, provides safe and fun facilities for young children. Sports recreation facilities are provided at Dogwood and Ann Buntin Becker Parks.

The park areas & shelters may be reserved for private events.  They may NOT be used for private events without a reservation.   

  1. Village of Mariemont residents may reserve a park and/or shelter at no cost. Non-residents are required to pay a $50 fee in advance.
  2. To reserve a park area or shelter, please send an email to indicating the park/shelter you want to use and the date and time you would like to use it. 
  3. Make sure to include your name, your address, a contact phone number, and the approximate number of guests in your party.  If you do not have an email address, you may call the Village office at 271-3246 to make a reservation.
  4. When your reservation request has been approved, you will be sent a confirmation by email (or regular mail for those without email).   Please print out this confirmation and take it with you on the day of your party.  You may be asked to show this confirmation to a Police Officer if there is any dispute over the use of the park/shelter. 
  5. If you reserve a park and/or shelter for a private event, please make sure to bag your trash and take it with you.  In this way, the area will be clean for anyone wanting to use it after your party . . . and the raccoons will not be tempted to have a 'party' of their own.
  6. If you are reserving the shelter in Dogwood Park and there is a Bell Tower concert in progress, please do not use the ball field.  The noise at the ball field keeps concert-goers from being able to hear and enjoy the music.  (Most concerts take place at 7PM on Sunday evenings from Memorial Day through Labor Day and in the afternoon on holidays.)

Organized programs for children interested in sports are available through the Mariemont Recreation Association. Click logo to visit the Association’s web site

Our Parks Include:

Isabelle Hopkins Park - on the corner of Wooster Pike (US 50) and Pocahontas Ave.

Jordon Park - Miami Road just west of East Street

Trolley Turn-Around Park - Miami Road at Murray Avenue

Dale Park & Statuary - Wooster Pike at Plainville Road

Ann Buntin Becker Park - Lanes C & B (Between Beech and Oak Streets)

Patriots Park - Lane F (Between Elm Street and Wooster Pike)

Boathouse - 3729 Pleasant Street

Bell Tower Park - 3725 Pleasant Street

Dogwood Park - Baseball Fields, Walking Trail, Bird/Wildlife Sanctuary - 3721 Pleasant Street

Concourse Park -Miami Bluff Drive at Center Street

South 80 Gardens and Walking Trails Park - South of 6000 Mariemont Avenue

Paul Prevey Bird Sanctuary - Just east of 6060 Mt. Vernon Avenue

Livingood Park - Miami Road at Mt. Vernon Avenue

Madisonville Site - Adjacent to Community Pool at 6000 Mariemont Avenue

Mary Emery Park - Madisonville Road at Plainville Road (adjacent to Tennis Courts)