The duties of the Maintenance Department include the maintenance of all parks and other Village-owned properties, minor road repairs, street sweeping, snow removal and collection of brush and leaves. The Maintenance Department has four full-time staff and during the fall season, hires part-time staff to assist with various needs and leaf collection.

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Maintenance Supervisor
John Scherpenberg

Leaf Collection  

Leaf vacuum collection typically begins in mid-October. Simply rake leaves to the front of your lawn near the curb (but not into the street) and the Village will collect these leaves. Leaf season generally ends the third week of December. Prior to mid-October and/or after the third week of December, leaves must be bagged for pick up. Do not dump leaves in the swimming pool area. If you do not wish to wait for the leaf vacuum, bag the leaves in clear plastic bags or brown paper yard waste bags (available at most hardware stores and Kroger) and place them at the curb after 6:00pm the day before your pick up. They'll be picked up on the same day your trash is collected.

Brush Collection  

The Village Maintenance Department has a scheduled brush route to collect branches, limbs and brush that can be run through the chipper and turned into mulch. Brush pickup will occur on the same day as your scheduled trash pickup, but only on the FIRST Monday and Tuesday of each month and the THIRD Monday and Tuesday of each month.   Branches, trimmings, and brush should be stacked in manageable bundles not to exceed 8 ft. in length or 50 lbs (do not place in boxes or cans) and set at the curb, or adjacent to the street where there is no curb (NOT IN THE STREET) after 6:00pm the day prior to scheduled day; however, items should be placed no later than 7:15am the scheduled day to guarantee pick up. Residents are cautioned about leaving the brush at the curb for several days or over the weekend.

Street Sweeping  

Street sweeping of Mariemont streets and lanes is scheduled regularly. Residents, where on-street parking is permitted, are given 24 hours notice to move their vehicles. If vehicles are not moved, they will be towed at the owner's expense and citations will be issued by the Police Department. This is done is accordance with Village Ordinance 76.07 - Continuous Parking In Same Location. Anyone going on vacation may want to make arrangements to have their vehicles removed from the street or lane.

Removal of Ice  
and Snow  
from Sidewalks  

While winter can be beautiful, it also poses problems in the area of traffic safety for motorists and pedestrians. Village Maintenance crews work to make the streets are safe for vehicles. Consequently, property owners and occupants are responsible by law to keep the sidewalks that border their property free of ice and snow in the interest of pedestrian safety. The Village Ordinance states that within the first 8 hours after daylight, or within 8 hours of the ceasing to fall of any snow, the owner or occupant or other person having the care of any building, premises or unimproved land abutting any sidewalk where there is a graded sidewalk, or a sidewalk graded and paved shall cause the snow or ice to be removed from the traveled part of such sidewalk. Snow or ice shall not be moved into the street gutter when the gutter has been previously cleaned, and in no event shall snow or ice from any area other than the pedestrian walk be moved into the street gutter. Whenever a sidewalk, or any part thereof along any building, premises or unimproved lot of land shall be encumbered with ice or snow, the owner, occupant, or other person having the care of such premises or lot shall cause the sidewalk to be made safe and convenient by removing the ice from there or by covering the same with sand or other suitable substance. Failure to comply with this section for a period of more than 8 hours during the daytime shall subject the owner, occupant, or person in charge to a fine of up to $50 each day. Please understand this is done to ensure the safety of all residents.

Whose Tree Is It?* 

The Village of Mariemont has been a member of Tree City USA for more than 23 years. The Maintenance Department, which is responsible for the planting and care of trees in the public areas, has received three “Growth Awards”. The Village has a right-of-way on every street. If you are not sure if a tree belongs to you or the Village, please call the Maintenance Department BEFORE doing any cutting of trimming.

Minimum Heat  
It shall be the duty of every person who shall have contracted or undertaken to furnish heat for any building or portion thereof, occupied as a home or place of residence of one or more persons, to heat or to furnish heat for every occupied room in such building, or portion thereof, so that a minimum temperature of seventy (70) degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Centigrade) may be maintained therein between the hours of 6:00am and 11:00pm and a minimum temperature of sixty-four (64) degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Centigrade) between the hours of 11:00pm and 6:00pm of each day whenever the outer or street temperature shall fall below fifty-five (55) degrees Fahrenheit (13 degrees Centigrade).